Aunt Ann is bursting with pride. Her beloved Hannah, goddaughter extraordinare, is graduating next Tuesday. But before the graduation was the prom.

Hannah has been lucky enough to spend the 7 years at a girls’ school in Manhattan, Marymount. It’s been an wonderful experience. It’s also been a godsend. When her mom was dying of cancer, the people at this tiny little school showed up. When she was having a tough year after that unpleasant summer, her friends hung tough. They’ve become the village that helped her dad raise this fabulous young woman.

When I got the prom pictures, I was struck not by the girls’ mooning over their dates but rather by their mooning over one another. They’re such good friends. They’re already planning how they’ll stay connected as they dash off to different parts of the world to college. I looked at their beautiful faces (and did they plan their increasing shades of pink dresses – oh dear, pretty much!), and thought wow, I want them to be friends forever. I don’t want them to lose touch with what they’ve got. When I do Hannah’s wedding (years from now, I might add!) I want to see this same puppy pile of friendship. And I want it tumbling into my arms!

Friends, in this case girlfriends, are the crucible in which we learn to be partners.  We also learn how to be better people because they’re encouraging and challenging us. So, Hannah, Anya and Amelia, Go for it. I’m proud. I’m happy. and I’m elated that you’ve got the girls.

Girls rule!