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Fireflies, Soft Black Raspberry Ice Cream and my SweetPea


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Last night was a perfect summer night. And for once on a Friday night, I had a date with my SweetPea. We went out for dinner and then out to the Purple Cow, which IMHO has the best soft ice cream around.

We sat and talked as the sun went down and then lingered as the fireflies came up on the soybean field (low fireflies only, I guess they didn’t like the trees there!). It was totally magical. Summer in a small sugar cone.

Tip: Don’t miss the chance to slow down and do nothing with your sweetiebeloved!

1 thought on “Fireflies, Soft Black Raspberry Ice Cream and my SweetPea

  1. your story forces me to recollect soft summer nights more than a decade ago when I was falling in love with my own (now former) sweet pea. laying on our bellies on a slowly swinging hammock looking out onto a field a’glitter with fireflies. I was totally captivated by the woman next to me as she unfolded the true life love story of the firefly mating ritual. [which is basically what we’re watching with all that glowing]

    what beautiful memories are born of taking time to be together in quiet conversation with nature.

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