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Middle-Aged Marriage Brings Unexpected Bonuses

So, I don’t know when middle-age starts and stops and I’ve people telling me recently that at 57, I am NOT middle-aged! But since I’m not yet ready for being an elder (and my Witch buddies assure me I’m not a Crone for another 3 years!), I’m claiming middle-age. ANYWAY!

What was very sweet was that my SweetPea came with daughters. And along with the daughters came grandchildren. How great is that? And while I’m not a particularly maternal woman (stop guffawing!) having fabulous, talented daughters is an amazing gift.

The grandkids are fairly special as well. I think we can safely say that we live too far away from them. AJ, almost 2, is relentlessly curious. He’s showing some serious Mitchell AND Land traits. HMMM. I want that, I will work to get it! Grace, could almost have some of my genes: here she is, the Queen of Everything.queenofeverything

Tip: The blessings of marriage are myriad and unexpected. But being tied to strong and interesting adults, who are doing good work and raising nice children? Through a beloved spouse? That makes a life richer. How’s that old hymn go? “There is More Love Somewhere.” Well, there certainly is. So go on out and get yourself some. No reason to hold back.

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  1. Mrs.Priestess you are beyond maternal!

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