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Not Buying Into Divorce

Laura Munson wrote an incredible piece in the NY Times on August 1st. It’s a precursor to the book she’s written on the same subject. (Oh, yeah someone’s going to buy the book and publish, the Times has closed comments on the article because it’s been overwhelmed, Go, Laura, Go, Laura! Hooray for writers writing books we need!)

When her husband came and told her he wanted a divorce because the relationship & the family were all wrong for him, she took a hard look at their history and said, “you know what, I’m not buying it.”

She gave him space, she held herself and the family together and available, but didn’t enter into the emotional fray he needed to sort through. He did, he came back and they began the very hard work of sorting things out. (The book is going to be part of that at his urging.) She knew the him, she knew their dreams and she knew the value of what they had.

Marriage matters. Family matters. It’s not something to just throw away. This is a brilliant solution to her problem. It might not be everyone’s solution, but it’s plenty instructional for all of us.

Tip: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Write wedding vows that you can live into and then do it. Try the template at the top of the page. Get the Wedding Vow Workbook. Do some work before you get married so you know how to do the work afterwards. Most marriages are worth every piece of work put into them. I’m sure yours is.