So, this little area where I lived in Sweden is really beautiful. There are, thanks I’m sure to old glaciers, lake systems that run all through this area. It’s still heavily forested. 

The forests are full of these unbelievably quaint little cabins. Here’s their cabin on a snowy winter day. snowystugaYou’ll notice they’re all painted a wonderful red color. This is called Falun Red. It comes from an area up near the copper mines. They had all this run off from the mines and turned it into paint. Apparently when it’s time for repainting, you brush it off and repaint, no scraping. Something about the high mineral content… Nope they don’t export it!

Another common color for houses is yellow. It cheers you up, I guess in the long winter darkness. This darling, old, house, lies across the channel from town. It can only be reached by ferry. Apparently, the one thing that mars its beauty is that summer cottages are supposed to face the afternoon sun, this has more of a morning sun direction. Tsk. Obviously not worth the money, despite the fabulous gingerbread and wonderful old windows. And wouldn’t that little summer house be a great place to eat cinnamon bread?

sweetlakehouseAs I said, Sweden is fairly wooded still. They’re very good when they do take timber to rebuild. This guy appreciates it a lot. He was along when Kjell and Lorraine were picking mushrooms. Yikes!mmmoose