It’s amazing having such talented friends. Since I don’t get to see them often, I’m always struck by their talent. Lorraine is a sculptor of both large and small pieces. Here are two of her bronze pieces that adorn the town parks in Kristinehamn. The first is called Woman, and is sitting in the park behind the Hotel. The second is called Sisters and sits outside the Children’s Medical Center. Last Winter, the girls were adorned by a street artist.KvinnaniparkenKvinnansistersandscarvesPretty fun, eh?

But she also does house size sculptures. Here are some pics of her work along with her husband Kjell’s at an exhibit of their work.kjellandartartandsculpturestandingsculpturesOpen house at their studio is October 4th to coordinate with the opening of the Värmland Art Exibit.

And of course anyone who was at 0ur wedding will recognize this:Kyssenthat’s all folks! pretty amazing, eh?