It’s a Dog’s Wedding: Part One

My dear friend Ms. Mutton Chop wrote to ask me about the role of dogs in weddings. Actually, Muttons, if I may be so familiar, there are many. Particularly if one is as stylish and as relaxed as you are. 

Many dogs are present at their human partners’ wedding. After all, they’re one of the family.

Tip: One very traditional role for canines is the carrying of the rings. Rings can be carried in on a pillow if you find that amusing, or they can be tied to the collar. No dog I have ever encountered has found it amusing to have the pillow tied to her collar as they tend to slip around and get in your way.MsMuttons

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One thought on “It’s a Dog’s Wedding: Part One

  1. Oh thank you Ann! I agree with you about the pillow being tied to the collar, perhaps I could eat the rings?