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Creating a Community Statement of Support at Your Wedding

This is a piece of the wedding that every ceremony ought to have but few do. Bottom line, marriages that are grounded in community do better. If you tell your community you want their support, they’re going to be more conscious about giving it to you.It’s a fairly simple process that turns the question (left over from when our nuptials were property transactions, pure and simple) “Does anyone object?” to the more important question (because objections should have been raised a long time ago if there were problems!) “Who supports this marriage?” Over the next couple days, we’ll look at the important points:

  1. An acknowledgment of the importance of community to a wedding couple.
  2. An acknowledgment of how important this particular community is to you.
  3. An acknowledgment that your marriage will thrive more strongly with your community’s support.
  4. An invitation to your community to support the two of you, your promises and your marriage.

Tip: Taking these simple steps can radically strengthen your ties to your community and your marriage.