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Happy the Bride It Rains Upon

Neither snow nor sleet nor dark of night is going to keep a bride from making it to her wedding. But let’s be sensible here. (I know, I’m shocked to hear the Wedding Priestess utter the S word myself.

Winter’s coming and you’ve got to get to the church, club, restaurant. Odds are the weather will not be perfect and the ground will be messy, slippy, whatever.

I know you want to capture all those lovely pictures getting dressed at home. Once you do, take the dress off, put your sweats and your boots on (a perfect accompaniment to the veil) and get to the location without worrying about getting your hem wet, your shoes dirty or freezing.

Once you get that cold it’s hard to warm up. Brides who are freezing are NOT focusing on the wonder of marriage, they’re wondering if their feet will ever thaw out.

Tip: There’s a cute saying for every kind of weather, but mostly they were just covering bases. Dress warmly to get where you need to go and then slip into your dress. You’ve got help. Stay warm and clean! And let a smile be your umbrella on your wedding day! And don’t forget your shawl!