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Peace Constiuency

My friends, I’ve posted these for your enjoyment while I’m away enjoying nature and time with my sister. I’ll be back live by the 21 of June.

So a friend wrote the other day, a bit fractiously, about finding a word for why one remained silent in the face of a group, to which one belongs, shall we say, shortsightedness. I suggested that it was for the good of the constituency.

It was the only word I could come up with. And then thought, hmmmmm. obviously I needed to muse about it. I like the word tribe, but tribe is an exclusive word. So, I worked on constituency a bit. It’s a beginning, because it’s new to me as well… and ten lines is just a start. but we need to know who our tribe is, because Peace has to be negotiated with them in mind and with their help. hence the tongue-biting. except when it’s not for either the tribe or self!


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