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Expectant Peace

Do I expect too much of you? I’ve been told that that’s in my bag o’ tricks. But is it too much when I know how wonderful you are? I still don’t know the answer to that question. It’s hard expecting nothing… and I’ve always felt we live into others’ expectations of us…

Do I expect too much of myself. Hmmm. I’d probably have to give a fairly equivocal answer here. Sometimes I think my expectations are ‘way high… right now. I’m not sure that I can keep moving along on the time frame I’ve set myself… gotta get it done, gotta get it done… I’m always sure the expectations are external… and yet, and yet… i want things to be wonderful… and so you work and work and work…

Other times, I duck out…

But life is short. and sometimes it feels that the need is desperate. How can I not look to you. Why don’t we grab hands and go along this Peace Path? Why would we live any other ways… because we want, I believe this, we want the same things from life… and we deserve them… and only we can give them to one another. So yes. i guess i do wait for great things from you. I hope you’ll wait for them from me as well. Peace, my dears.


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