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The Discipline of Peace, llvl

I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday… it’s 10,000 hours, not 2,000. That’s five years of the hard work of Peace Making in order to have Peace become reflexive in our hearts…

Will it work? I can’t tell you. Is there any reason why it shouldn’t? I don’t see one. I see a lot of impetus toward Peace. Not the least is the recent paper circulating in the Eastern Ukraine, (is it a governmental decree or a terroristic sect’s threat?) that all the Jews should go to register on threat of forfeiture of their citizenship and their property… along with all the continued oppression happening all over the world…

We must be the difference. And we must start to work…

Peace is in our hands. It must be in our hearts and in our actions. We must practice, every day and every moment. All these years after it was sung, are we willing to give Peace a chance?



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