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Signs of Peace in the Berry Moon

Lots of other things happening, so it’s hard to give the Moon her due right now… But things just keep happening.

Yesterday was a busy day. There was lots going on, some work, some pleasure, some personal business — but it all meant no pauses.

When I don’t pause, it’s sometimes hard for a musing to take shape. And there’s been a lot stirring about how to make Peace in unPeaceful times… Social action is a stop and start activity…

So I had a blank for the day. And a bit of the grumps. I hate heading toward the evening without a musing, let alone an idea.

But it was Jazz night, my husband was playing my friends and my dance partner were waiting. Out I went. The group hadn’t had a gig in town for a bit, so it was nice to hear them and even nicer to be with everyone… Summer time and the living is easy.

Except that time when someone bumped a table which bumped the wall which knocked a sign off the wall which fell on my head which read: It’s never too late to start again.

So Peace, what am I complaining about? There you are — waiting for me to find my way to you. We can’t let the hating get you down. Let’s look for the possibilities. Let’s Peace!


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