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Sorting the Stuff from the Peace

It’s an end of the year exercise. Do I want or need this? Does this bring me Peace? Does this clutter up my dreams?

Can i let things go?

Can I just sit in my chair and read a romance… which i love to do this time of year!

Sort, shuffle, straighten, read. Maybe even write a little.

Ah the glories of the days in between. No deep thoughts. Just sweet longings for Peace and trying to clear a path through the holiday clutter to the essence of it.



1 thought on “Sorting the Stuff from the Peace

  1. Beautiful! Sorting between needs and wants….what to keep, what to purge. I’m getting better at deciding to let go. Practice and a sense of mortality have been helpful in my quest for less clutter. Talking both physical and emotional clutter. The more I get rid of the clutter, the more free I feel. And the beautiful moon, ahhh, that moon! Peace

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