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Sabbath and Refueling for the Peace Journey

If we did nothing else for our Sabbath but refuel — whatever that means to us — that would be a good thing.

My hope today is to restore some hope. It’s been a tough time for Pollyannas recently. Life is a challenge, and some of it is downright ugly. What is with people we wonder and can we reach them?

Well, not every day. Sometimes you just need to deal with whatever’s in front of you and breathe in some much needed Peace?

Can’t see it? Stop and look around. Beauty everywhere. Landscape. Friendship. Quiet. Gatherings. Find what you need. Breathe it in. Experience it.

Prepare for Peace. For you and for the world around you.

1 thought on “Sabbath and Refueling for the Peace Journey

  1. Will do. Thank you.

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