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Who’s Part of Your Pack for Peace and Justice?

Who are the the people you work with to make the world better? You can do little things alone, but the big things you usually do in good company.

Right now, most Americans are looking at the election in horror from one side or another of the debate. What if she/he wins people ask. Well, whoever wins, there’s enough work for all of us to do.

I refuse to live in a world or a country that thinks that hatred based on gender, ethnicity, race, religion or orientation is okay. I refuse to live in a world or a country that destroys creation. I refuse to live in a world or a country without compassion.

Am I going to Canada, you ask? Well, maybe for a visit, but not to live! I’m staying right here. I’m going to work to change my country, keep trying to change the world.

I’m looking for the people I love and the people I don’t yet know to do the work with. I’m showing up for Peace. I’m showing up for Racial Justice. Wanta run with the wild Pack for Justice and Peace? Laughter and friendship ahead!


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