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Find Your Truth; Know Your Peace

All across the political spectra, accusations of “Liar!” are being leveled. And quite actually the amount of lying is prodigious.

As always, the only thing we can do anything about is ourselves. How do we lie to ourselves. What to we tell ourselves that really isn’t true?

How do we let go of that? Because it gets in our way…

Of what you ask? Of Life. Why make that more difficult. Of Peace, which is already so damned difficult.

If I’m going to give Peace a chance, I’m going to have to ferret out my favorite lies. They’re so deeply ingrained at this point… and weeding was never my favorite thing. Nonetheless… here we go! Peace!


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Covered Bridges Peace

As I said when I pushed this poem out, it was less a poem than a recounting… this morning the poetic muse seems a bit more with me…

I woke up thinking, oh… in some places the Path to Peace is so important, that we cover it. It’s an interesting notion is it not… The Path to Peace is always challenging. There are things that make it more challenging. There are ways to make it less so. Whether a bridge exists for vehicles or foot traffic, there’s value in the covering. This way you can always get across the stream that might otherwise prove an obstacle…

We’re safe there. People have been safe there for many, many years… Walking the Path to Peace? Cross the bridge here, why don’t you?


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Peace Crossing

There’s the bridge. What are we going to do?

Do we need to acknowledge that the world is bigger? Do we stay here in our little world and work at fixing the problems? Do some of us do one and some the other and do we stay in touch?

How does Peace get made and shared out among the world?

And, of course, that question is really how do we make Peace and share it with the world? How do we manage the communication. Because it’s good to make plans to stay in touch before you leave. Let’s move with deliberation and consideration. But let’s cross the Bridge into Peace.


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It Snowed! The Peace of a Morning In!

Yahoo! there was snow. Cancelling this and that and the other thing. Brewing another cup of tea.

Going downstairs to find my shovel so i can find my my steps… (first shoveling of the year. In February!)

But it’s white. It’s beautiful. It’s quiet. And it’s Peaceful on the surface! (and it’s better you stay in! Everything’s pretty slippy.)

Peace of the Snowy day to you!