Kissing! I’ve been quoted!

It’d be even more fun if the article I was quoted in said that there had been a recent upswing in kissing in these United States and that people were spending ‘way too much time locking lips. but hello, not the case.

Wedding Priestess thinks this is important! Check out the image that my friend Lorraine made for our wedding (very close to one year ago) and you’ll see that I’m the kinda girl who thinks kissing matters.


Tip: Valentine’s Day is coming. Get out there and practice! After all, you’re going to have to go public soon! So, smooch already. It’s fun. (but don’t get so engrossed that you forget to go read the article that quotes MOI!)

Wedding Planning: Build Holiday Traditions, Welcome Friends and Laugh

I keep saying (and will always keep saying) that part of your wedding planning needs to be marriage planning. i concentrate a lot on what are you going to value in one another and in your marriage. But another question you want to be asking is what are you going to DO in your marriage. who will you spend time with? and what will you do with that time?

I was the single friend of married couples for many years. It’s important to have friends of all stripes. But there’s something to a married couple’s having married friends. Not at the expense of your single friends, because hey, we’re charming interesting and funny! And we have been friends for years. But from time to time you need to reinforce your coupleness. You need to observe other couples in relationship to understand what you do and don’t want to do in your marriage.

Tip: Plan a couples’ party for the holiday. Hang out with people with good relationship juju. Let it rub off on you! (Tomorrow? silly parlor games!)

Your Wedding Planning: Black Friday What Are You Going to Spend?

Well, you’re planning your wedding. And today is the biggest shopping day of the year. Normally the focus is on the Holidays. (ack! the holidays are here?) But the economy is lousy and you’ve got a wedding to plan. The stores are in deep discount. Before you hit the malls armed with your Christmas or Hannukah list, you might want to take a look at your Wedding List and see whether or not some of the things you need aren’t on sale.

I must admit, the best impulse purchase I bought during the holidays for my February wedding last year was a pair of fabulously ugly/beautiful glass drink dispensers. We offered a punch before the wedding. I could never have rented them for that price. and now I get to have people over for iced tea and pour out of my crystal beauties whenever I want! and I can lend them to the next person getting married. really, if you’re close, call me!

Tip: take a good look at your wedding planning list. See what you have to purchase and look at prices. See what you’re renting and look at prices. Then tuck that list into your purse while you’re shopping the sales and see what you find. You never know! Just think. what if the things you wanted to buy were on sale, and you bought them, and you got finished with your list? now there’s a holiday present!