Ceremonies of Commitment

When you find the relationship, career or home to which you choose to dedicate your life, mark the initiation of that shared road with a sacred celebration that shows the world how much you value this path. Come, let us celebrate together.

  • Weddings and Blessings of Partnership
  • Family Blessings
    Whether you have labored to create, gestate and deliver a baby or whether you have found the perfect child to add to your life through fostering or adoption, consecrate that relationship with a ceremony that invites your community to celebrate your dreams for this child. I will work with you to design and conduct and updated version of the ancient naming ceremony, one which draws upon and gives new expression to your beliefs about life and its potential. Come let us celebrate together.


    • Baby Ceremony: Your baby has arrived after long anticipation. Now welcome this child into his or her birthright of family and community.
      Give voice to your own hopes and dreams, offer your gratitude for this new gift of life and acknowledge how your life is changed forever.
    • Adoption: At last your child has come home! The one you have selected to enter your circle of family deserves a special welcome that celebrates the blessings of choice. Give voice to your own hopes and dreams, celebrating this new gift of life and the way your lives are forever changed.
  • House Blessings
    Whether you’ve purchased a dwelling or built your dream house, you have found the ideal place to call home. Now dedicate this dwelling as a safe, joyous and supportive shelter for your life ahead. Cleans the house of past unhappiness, mark it as your own and open its doors to the blessings you desire. A home should be much more than a real estate investment. I will work with you to plan a house blessing that invests your home with the love, hopes and dreams of you and yours. Come, le us celebrate together.
  • Career Choices
    You’ve found your life’s calling. Commit yourself to this path with all the passion, discipline and dedication that helped you ready yourself for the journey. Celebrate the successes that led you this far and will help you embark on the road to being the best you can be. You can make this world a better place by the work that you do. And you will. So gather your community around you, claim your pride in your vision and ask for their support and encouragement in your chosen field. Come, let us celebrate together.