Ceremonies of Support

There are times in our lives when we need our community’s loving support. This is a perfect time for a short ceremony that assures the person in need that he or she is seen and appreciated for the challenges being endured. A short ritual can also offer the community a way to participate and feel connected to the larger community. Whether there is much help that can be given, or simple prayers to be offered, a ceremony can set the tone. Come, let us celebrate together.

  • Illness
    No one expects to get ill, especially seriously ill. But it happens. We are not always equipped to handle the changes that illness can bring on our own. In ritual, we can ask for our community’s support, help them to get to know one another and face our own struggles with our disease.
  • Life Challenges
    All manner of things happen when we’re not expecting it. Sometimes the problems that ensue with such changes can overwhelm our ability to remain an actor in our own life. While ritual cannot solve the problems, it can help us gain perspective and community support.
  • Job Loss
    All of the things that seemed so certain at one point are now topsey-turvey. It’s hard to acknowledge how much our sense of self is tied up in our work and that perhaps there’s nothing we could have done to have retained our job. Ritual can help us focus, acknowledge our need for support and guidance in this very challenging time.
  • Financial Setbacks
    If there’s anything that strikes at our sense of control, it’s money issues. Maybe you made mistakes; maybe your marriage disintegrated; maybe you were simply a victim of this market; but for whatever reasons, you may have very hard decisions to make. These steps may not be ones you ever envisioned taking. Ritual can help you clarify what needs to be done, gain some closure and forgive yourself for being less than perfect.
  • Loneliness
    Being lonely is incredibly difficult. We all long for community and it isn’t always evident. So sometimes we need to take big risks and ask for what we want. It’s much better to do that in a safe space which ritual can create for you. People who come to the ritual are aware of why they’re responding which increases your chances of getting the fuller life you’re seeking.