Other Services

Originally called Annie’s Aphorisms, these short reflections can be used either as a thought for the day or a daily devotional. Watch for these to make an appearance.

Speaking / Sermons:
Podcasts are available here. Listen to Ann’s sermons preached at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Susquehanna Valley.

I use my blog to reflect on life and all it offers us. One day it may be about wedding ceremonies, the next on the challenges of supporting your elder parents. I try to keep my entries short and pithy, so that you can snatch up some information and go back to life with something to chew on!

The lovely artwork that was used for my website is from my mother. She was a wonderful painter. Go enjoy her work.

(offer Prayer for Daily life as a download?)

Tarot readings:
Have a question you’d like to examine in your life? Wondering what impact a decision might have in the time ahead? Ready to understand your role in creating a problem you might be having? Celebrating a birthday and wondering about the year to come? A tarot reading might be just the thing to answer a few questions and raise some more. Intuitive and incisive, Ann has been reading cards for over 30 years. Every year she learns more and more. Not a psychic, she explores the same questions she always asks: What do you believe? How does that make a difference? What do you want? What will you have to do to get that? The cards simply add more options for understanding the possibilities you’ve got in your wonderful life.