More Blessings from MY Middle-Aged Marriage

I don’t know whether it’s because I hadn’t had children or because my sister had lost her two, leaving only my brother’s two to continue the next generation. Or if it’s because I’m inherently lazy and love the notion of loving someone else’s children (less diapers and college tuitions, doncha know.) But I have harbored the dream of a mate with children long before I met SweetPea.

I know there are people whose dream of Step-Children hasn’t worked out well. One friend has had major disappointments with her partner’s children. 20 years after his divorce, they (the fully grown children with their own grown children) still harbor hopes their parents will get back together. This couple has been together for years, she’s as generous and welcoming as it comes, and they’re having none of it.

HikingBoyYesterday I introduced you to the Queen of Everything. Today, here’s a shot of Hiking Boy. (I know, it’s a little stereotypical, isn’t it? But they’re both California Kids. QOE has hiked as well, and doesn’t wear her crown when she does!)

It’s hard to balance life when kids live far away. I’m just getting to know Selena, Maya and Gary and now Grace and AJ are scooting along, squirming their way into my heart. But the gift of love and of seeing your beloved in another light and loved for who he is, that’s a pretty great gift. Relationships: they’re so much richer than we can understand!

Tip: Keep looking to make more love. It makes the world a far richer place and your life more fun. Here’s GentleBoy so you know it’s not all about Grizzly Adams for AJ! “My” kids have been open and welcoming. And they’re fabulous people. I’m lucky. But my guess is that your beloved has fabulous children as well. After all, your beloved is fabulous!


Middle-Aged Marriage Brings Unexpected Bonuses

So, I don’t know when middle-age starts and stops and I’ve people telling me recently that at 57, I am NOT middle-aged! But since I’m not yet ready for being an elder (and my Witch buddies assure me I’m not a Crone for another 3 years!), I’m claiming middle-age. ANYWAY!

What was very sweet was that my SweetPea came with daughters. And along with the daughters came grandchildren. How great is that? And while I’m not a particularly maternal woman (stop guffawing!) having fabulous, talented daughters is an amazing gift.

The grandkids are fairly special as well. I think we can safely say that we live too far away from them. AJ, almost 2, is relentlessly curious. He’s showing some serious Mitchell AND Land traits. HMMM. I want that, I will work to get it! Grace, could almost have some of my genes: here she is, the Queen of Everything.queenofeverything

Tip: The blessings of marriage are myriad and unexpected. But being tied to strong and interesting adults, who are doing good work and raising nice children? Through a beloved spouse? That makes a life richer. How’s that old hymn go? “There is More Love Somewhere.” Well, there certainly is. So go on out and get yourself some. No reason to hold back.

Fireflies, Soft Black Raspberry Ice Cream and my SweetPea


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Last night was a perfect summer night. And for once on a Friday night, I had a date with my SweetPea. We went out for dinner and then out to the Purple Cow, which IMHO has the best soft ice cream around.

We sat and talked as the sun went down and then lingered as the fireflies came up on the soybean field (low fireflies only, I guess they didn’t like the trees there!). It was totally magical. Summer in a small sugar cone.

Tip: Don’t miss the chance to slow down and do nothing with your sweetiebeloved!