10 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Ceremony: #2 The Invocation

The second segment of my 10 Steps to a Perfect Wedding ceremony is the Invocation. Traditionally, this has been understood only as a calling on God.

But to invoke means simply to call. This segment does best when it invokes 4 different areas:

  1. History: you are not the first couple to stand in front of your community to proclaim your Love. Your love is not the first to transform lives. There is power in those connections.
  2. Community: Who are the people who have gathered? What do you want from these people at your wedding ceremony and beyond?
  3. Place: Why have you chosen this venue? What’s significant about it to your family, or your lifestyle.
  4. Blessing: Every marriage requires blessing. The only question is from whom are you seeking that blessing? Many people will choose to ask for a Divine blessing. Others will be more comfortable with a community blessing. Still others will leave it up to the guests and offer a place of silence.

Tip: Keep adding in the important segments of your ceremony and it’s going to lead you to a wonderful wedding ceremony AND the marriage in which you want to live forever. Hang around we’ll look at some of this. My book, Promises to Keep: Crafting Your Wedding Ceremony can help you build the wedding ceremony of your dreams and the marriage of a lifetime.