Peace Must Be Made Where You Are

It’s always so easy to complain about the weather. And indeed. The weather right now is challenging. Hot and Muggy. And my church is having another yard sale. oh, boy.

But this is the day we have. We either make Peace today, Peace with today, or we say that Peace is less important than the weather.

Since at any given the moment, the weather could be less than the perfect, dry 70˚ weather everyone seems to favor, there are a lot of days that we need to be at ease with so that we can do what needs to be done.

Because Life is what it is. And Peace needs to be where we are. Love? it needs to be everywhere. Because Peace, Life, Love.



Chipping Out Hate for Peace

I know I’ve had these words in my mouth before: institutionalized racism, misogeny, able-bodiedness… i’ve used them all.

But I don’t know that I’ve really looked at how those particular hatreds, or any kind of hatred, became codified and part of the structure.

One of the first things the First Congress took up was who was human and therefore who could vote.

We’ve been fighting against those definitions ever since. They’ve been taken out of law but not out of practice.

Until those of us who have do something to ensure that those who don’t have access nothing will happen.

What is that something? Well, we’re going to have to figure it out. It’s hard work. It will demand unpleasant self-reflections. We must acknowledge that there is abundance and that it must be shared… We must find the balance. We must, we must, we must. yeah i know. You’re not to do that. Nonetheless…

People are depending on us. Peace is depending on us.


Pink Moon Peace and April Showers

Those showers have arrived. Hurrah.

Are you crazy, they ask? You like chilly rain? No. but our beloved Mother Earth does.

And we need it. Just over 3 months into the year and we’ve had only slightly more than half the rain we need. We had a cold winter, not a snowy one, days off notwithstanding.

If you’re planting flower gardens, think drought tolerant… And start thinking about how you can become an activist for this beautiful planet. She needs your Love. Nature is out of balance.

But at the same time you plan… enjoy the drenching and think about what wakes up when the rains come. It’s quite an Earth we live on.

Here’s to April showers and the joyful blossoming of Pink Moon Peace.


Pink Moon Peace Harmony

We’re in the budding of the year and the budding of the Moon.

It’s a wonderful time to consider how you’ll make your voice heard in Peace.

What do you have to contribute and how does that blend with what others are contributing? Peace is after all a joint effort of finding our strengths and finding the balance.

it’s tentative and beginnings are, i’m sure, cacophonous. But as we tune our voices, find where they’re most true, a fuller Peace begins to emerge — a Peace that uses the best of us.

Peace requires the best of us. So we should practice.



Upside Down Lives, Elusive Peace

Sometimes Peace gets put to the side… because peace with a little p is so disrupted in your life. It’s not that you find yourself looking for a fight; it’s rather that you’re looking for your balance.

Two of my friends took serious hits to their hearts this week. One a relationship hit and the other a health hit. Just like that, life is upside down. Good things may eventually come from these events, but that’s a long time in the future.

At the moment they’re trying to find their feet and whatever agency they can.

Life is really topsey turvey. It’s hard to admit, we who love our control, that that’s what it’s going to be. The ground we wind up standing on will look very different from the ground we’re on today. But that ground we’ll wind up on isn’t clear.

All that’s clear is the pain. And it’s important to honor that. And to remember hits like this have nothing to do with your strengths or your Peacemaking abilities. Give yourself a little strength and let your friends support you.

Calling on the Sugar Moon, to help us distill these new truths into our coming life. Calling on Peace for support. Reminding it we’ll get back to the work when we are able. Meanwhile the Moon smiles gently down.