Peace and Industrious Beauty

Who knew? There are about 5,000 kinds of dragonflies and damselflies identified. For their names alone they’re worth celebrating. They’re ancient, ancient, ancient. Damselflies are on every continent but Antarctica!

They zoom around and we’re enchanted. I’m not sure why this bug is better than other bugs… but they has been depicted as early as cave art!

Probably for no other reason than that they’re beautiful.

But we see the dragonflies glint (they’re far the showier of the two) as they flit and forget to notice how busy they are. They’re very effective predators.

Wow, Ann’s learning a lot about bugs (in very little doses!)

Here’s to the Peace of Industrious Beauty! May we clothe ourselves in Beauty as we go about the business of Peace.



Find the Peace: Right Here and Now

Tiny little pieces of Peace can be right in front of us. It’s our job to recognize them. The Beauty that exists in our world is an invitation to notice and share the wonder.

There’s a moment of Peace for us when we notice the wonder. There’s another when it’s shared. In that mutual moment, there is Peace between people. We need to look more widely and more deeply to find the Beauty and the Wonder and appreciate it. We need to share what we notice others. How is it that we don’t do more of this? We are built to be amazed. It might be healthy to keep stretching our capacity for Wonder at the glories of this World.

Natural Beauty is free for the gasping! Created Beauty may not be free but should be shared as widely as possible.

Practice Wonder. It’s practicing Peace. It may be its most important spiritual discipline.


Pause in Peace

I don’t do this often enough. I suspect you don’t either.

I don’t go outside and just sit in the beauty. It’s important to do that occasionally.

To breathe in the Beauty of the Earth and its Peace.

To breathe in the Quiet and its calm.

To still our souls and minds so we can hear our thoughts and emotions.

To recognize Peace and to sink into it.

Peace be with you.

Fog and Peace

Fog is an interesting and sneaky things. It has so many ways of arriving.

Here it arrived by stealth, sneaking in to wrap its arms around Picasso as its referred to.

It’s beautiful, it’s gentle. It can be dangerous — hiding things from view. But as my friend Alexandria used to say: When it’s so foggy on the path you can’t see what’s going on, sit down; cover up; wait for the fog to pass.

Its gentleness can invoke Peace. But the fact that it obscures means that sometimes, we all need to sit down; cover up; and wait for the fog to pass. And maybe, while we’re waiting, to share the snacks in our packs. Cup of tea, anyone?

Conversations of Peace around a Dancing Fire

Come, stand by me and watch the flames dance.

Come stand by me and talk of Peace.

There is so much Peace to be made. Let us fill our minds with Beauty and our hearts with friendship. Let us make Peace.