Peace on and from our River

The Susquehanna is so beautiful. Your river is probably beautiful too.

As they bless us with their Beauty and their Bounty, we must also bless them.

We must care for them.

Clean water for everyone is a great start on Peace. Water you can drink, water you can fish in, water you can swim in, water you can walk beside… wait, am I sounding like my (Middle Susquehanna) Riverkeeper? You bet I am.

Clean Water for Peace. Us for Clean Water. Us for Peace. Pretty simple in theory. Let’s make it true in practice.

The Surprise of Peace

The world is plenty beautiful enough. But there is nothing wrong that I can see with occasionally gilding the lily.

Chihouly doesn’t have a subtle bone in his body. oh, I like that about him. Although actually, these beautiful tubes of glass are fairly ethereal… They float above this field of ferns and make you happy.

Beauty is great for happiness. Beauty and Happiness are both great for Peace. Celebrate!


Cycles of Peace

Even though the weather remains warm, there’s no disguising that summer has been transformed into fall. The days are shorter, the sun less direct. The fields are golden, final crops are being harvested. The skin on fruits and vegetables is thicker; fall offerings replace summer. And pushed along by the drought the leaves are beginning to turn.

When I’m not seeing this all through the lens of a swimmer losing her outdoor pools, I am amazed at the abundance. And apples are coming!

The cycle of the year is so astounding. And, yet, it’s so easy to ignore the rolling bounty. All year long, every day, something magical happens. Too often we deprive ourselves of the wonder by focusing on what we don’t have. What we don’t have anymore. What we don’t have yet. What we don’t have, period.

Now is the time of the ingathering. I thought about this last night as I was writing the musing to respond to this beautiful photo. I had just finished a conversation with a dear friend who lost his mother. It was her time to be gathered back in at the end of a very long life. Now he has the memories to preserve. He’ll mourn, even while knowing they lived every last drop of her life and her love.

The wheel of the year continues to roll. Let us gather in, enjoy, preserve, and share the Peace just as we gather in, enjoy, preserve and share the Bounty of the season. Blessed be.


Ponds of Peace

My brother is a deliberate man. He, unlike his speed demon sister(s), studies things, thinks about them, and gradually goes about working his way through whatever he’s doing.

So he is with ponds. He decided he wanted to build a pond up on the mountain. So for a year he read about it. And he built one. And then he built a second one. Cindy and he got crazy with this one. They’ve filled it up with native fish and other nibbling things. They put the right plants (including the oh, my goodness, mountain cranberries) in and around the pond. It looks sort of murky, but when you cup your hands and bring the water up it’s crystal clear. It’s a living pond. It’s gorgeous.

And it’s oh, so swimable, if you don’t mind those nibbly moments in your close encounters of the fishy kind.

The water is silky and smooth and it was perfect for swimming… or, well, floating. Tom and I both got a little weepy thinking about how much the parents and debbie’s family would have love the pond. And all of them and then eventually most of us, will wind up in the blueberry patch that overlooks the pond, good ash making the soil just a bit more fertile.

The night before, a mama deer and her fawn had bedded down where we’ll end up. Cindy’s a hunter, but she has a big safe space around the house and a woods that mama lives in where no one hunts and few even walk. Mother Earth at her most grand.

Nature, getting back to itself. There is so much Peace in this land. So much Peace in that pond… just a really sweet balance in life on earth… I gave thanks and reveled in Peace, Love and all the bounty of their garden. Late summer. It’s an amazing thing. And, oh, my goodness, somehow summer has drifted into September… Peace.




Gratitude and Peace Are Bigger Than We Think

People think a thank you is a simple thing.

In one sense that’s true. Just a simple thank you. It’s what we need to hear from time to time. It’s what needs to fall easily from our lips and our hearts. Let’s thank people for their generosity — fact is, it makes people more generous when we do!

But true Gratitude extends beyond that, I think. It looks at the Bounty and helps you to understand that it include sharing. Here’s all this wonder… now how do I give back? Who needs what I have?

When we’re delighted with the Abundance, the best way to say thanks is to give it away — abundantly. In a way that inspires others to do the same. What a lovely thought, creating cascades of Bounty!

Cascades of Bounty, people sharing with others, can lead to cascades of Peace. Fill up. Pass it on. Peace.