Celebrate February Peace

Here it is. Bringing back the light! Candlemas! a beloved day in my calendar. Wishing you light and love.

February brings celebrations! We must remember how to celebrate what’s wonderful as we do what’s challenging.

Peace, my friends. Peace.

Wow! There’s Peace in the Neighborhood!

Some friends are helping me remember that there’s more generosity out there than we realize, and we need to not give into the fear.

All of us seem to clutch our fear to our chests. It’s what we know. It’s how we roll. And it’s completely counterproductive to Love. Too many times, it tells us untruths.

So, in a very conservative neighborhood, a gay wedding has sparked nothing but wishes to help and joy in the invitation.

We can keep bridging the gaps. And celebrating life. And it will all just get deeper and sweeter.

And maybe we can work together. Maybe we can Peace.


Sweet Little Gift of Peace

He was at the church to attend his grandpa’s funeral. He’s a boy bursting with curiosity. He never stopped moving.

You could tell, his parents worry — what will he get into?

Answer: Everything he can.

And he’s not the first child in that place to be hyper-inquisitive.

But he’s sparing with his words. He’s not always a child to get the nuances.

So when his first words were to recognize what we do here… it just made my heart swell.

Thanks, little guy… we work hard to make that so. Yes, it’s an old office building. Yes, we do church here.

There’s Peace in the making of religious community and Peace in being recognized for what we do at a very deep level. We loved his grandpa and we celebrate his life and mourn his loss.

There was Peace in our being together doing that and in using our talents to honor our friend. There was Peace in this little boy’s blessing.


Peace on the Threshold

Fall has been dancing back and forth between warm sunny beautiful fall and cool, damp appropriate fall.

This recent weather has been time out of time, completely outside the normal scheme of things, and glorious for all that.

Probably if we think closely about it, we realize it’s an indication of change that isn’t good. Why is it so warm in November? Why is there no rain in California? Why are there floods other places? Climate change.

And we don’t think about that when we’re rejoicing in what’s glorious or complaining about what’s usual. Why is it November. Because it is.

This is November. Time of the grey skies and the silver rains. Time to dive for those warm sweaters and just be comfortable with what is. Time for the leaves to litter the ground and lay like the mulch they are to make new soil for the year to come.

So that we have this weather means at the very least we must enjoy it. Rather than clutch it to our chest complaining that it might go away, let us throw open our hands and hearts and dance around, one last time.

And then let us welcome the Peace of the Silver Rains and let’s celebrate that!


Peace at the Edges

and in the middle… It’s where we look for it… or it’s where we look that we must place it. or where we live that we must make it… Peace can be made everywhere.

It’s really up to us.

But it’s urgent, I believe that. Needed by people and by planet.


My heart is with our daughter and granddaughter as they let go of a man they loved. Ed Lund, we are grateful for your life and our presence in it. Today, your East Coast Family will sit by a fire and remember both that we loved you and that we love one another.