Dawn Beauty; Dawn Peace

You have to get up pretty early in the morning: in fact in this region, you would have had to get up at 5:47 this morning, to have a chance to see the sun guild the bridge — if it were sunny then.

I’m never excited about dawn, unless i’m up… then I’m transformed as the light blesses the day.

Whether we see the dawn, we would do well to get up blessing the day and its Beauty. It makes it so much easier to go about the business of Peace.

The Peace of a Slow Start

Not every day starts quickly. It’s true, some days you wake up and zoom, you’re on your game with stuff to do and places to go.

Other days, life happens a bit more deliberately. You take the time to linger in all the stages of coming to the day. Why should Dawn be any different?

Some days the Sun gives the world a slow start.

Drink it in. It’s a different Peace. The more sides of Peace we know, the better able we are to offer it.


Soft Folds of Peace

Some evenings and some mornings, the beauty of the sky is enough to talk about.

It’s sad how infrequently we give ourselves time to “indulge” (indulge????) in the beauty of this world. Beauty is such an astonishing gift; we should honor it, not take it for granted.

It’s good to stop and gaze in reverence as the sun is going down, to notice the colors and shadows that are cast. It’s good to stop and gaze in wonder as the sun rises, and gently blesses the new day with beauty.

If we make time and invite others to share that with us, then we are sowing seeds of Peace. Perhaps that’s all the seeds of Peace really are, Beauty — and perhaps Compassion.

Let us give Peace and Beauty their due.


Spread Gentle Peace, Like the Dawn

I’m a little more hopeful today, simply because it is a new day. And because the atrocities of the days before demand that many of us develop some sense of purpose about race, violence, guns.

We must be resourceful. And in our determination we must be Peaceful.

No does not need to be shouted. It simply needs to be inexorable. We shall not be moved.

We shall not be moved from our determination to make a difference.

We shall not be moved from our determination insist on Justice.

We shall not be moved from our determination to make Peace.

We shall not be moved. And may Dawn soften our hearts into Peace and settle them on justice. Blessed Be. Blessed Sabbath.

Black lives do matter. Police lives do matter. What we do with our lives matters as well.



Early Sabbath Morning Peace

Up early this morning, not quite early enough to see the coming of the light… since sunlight was a bit subdued.

But the Sun is rising about as early as it will rise all year. Only four more minutes to add to the day from the morning side… (a few more than that for the evenings).

Quiet golden dawns are an invitation to reflection… Sabbath is an invitation to reflection. I keep wondering about, poking at the notion that I might start Sabbath at sundown Friday along with so many of my friends and enjoy it all the way through Sunday sundown. I would want to live deliberately during that time; to be present and conscious…

Maybe that can be a goal for my time away this summer… slow, peaceful days — with some fun in the sun with my favorite folk tossed in.

It’s early, here, but I have a bit of sermon to polish and tuck into my ipad. Wishing you a lovely day, hot and humid as it is…