Pause in Peace

I don’t do this often enough. I suspect you don’t either.

I don’t go outside and just sit in the beauty. It’s important to do that occasionally.

To breathe in the Beauty of the Earth and its Peace.

To breathe in the Quiet and its calm.

To still our souls and minds so we can hear our thoughts and emotions.

To recognize Peace and to sink into it.

Peace be with you.

A Peace Far Larger Than Human Peace

It’s true that my work is with people… but in that work, I too often forget that Peace is to be made for the entire world, all creatures great and small, all our resources…

I give thanks for those who work for Peace for Earth and all its inhabitants. I give thanks to those who see the beauty of the other. Mold if you will. August on this blog will be dedicated to bugs…

Peace. There is such a longing in my heart for Peace… Will you join me?

The Earth Says I Am Here. Do We Respond, “Peace?”

We live on this beautiful planet Earth. Too often we pay no attention to that fact.

And the Earth is paying a price. Because the Earth is paying a price. The bigger price the Earth pays, the less she can support us.

It’s that simple. We must say Peace to the Earth. And act on it. The Earth is our Mother. We must love her as such.

Because if we’re not concerned with this relationship, we limit our ability to build Peace. It’s an issue of Justice: the most deeply impacted are the most marginalized and poor. It’s an issue of bounty: She must be healthy to feed us well.  It’s an issue of quality of Life: we need clean air and water and soil. It’s an issue of Beauty: Nature moves us with her outrageous Beauty. It’s an issue of Peace. Our issue of Peace.


Edges of Peace

We are different from one another. Where our edges meet is where we can create Beauty. It’s hard, because there is also opportunity to create mayhem.

We can rub along, slowly changing one another, slowly becoming more beautiful and more familiar to one another.

And actually, choose it or not, we will change one another. So why not embrace the change?

Peace is in the embrace and the changing.

Short Winter Days, Long Winter Nights, Peace

Wherever you live, however much Sunlight falls or doesn’t on your days, it’s always the right day to make it a day of Peace.

Night is so beautiful. Day is so beautiful. Winter is so beautiful. So are Spring, Summer and Fall. Peace adds its own incredible Beauty.

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the Earth bring the days and nights and seasons. We bring the Peace. They’re doing their job. Are we? Now more than ever, we must Peace.