Long Night Moon, Lunacy, Peace

It’s the Full Moon. Only this one and one more Full Moon this year. Only one more time to be infected with the joyful Lunacy of 2015.

The Full Moon is a time to dare. It’s a time to accept encouragement. It’s a time for boldness.

Every Full Moon that happens, i say, Oh, this is my favorite one… and sure enough, this is my favorite one. (at least this month!)

It’s cold, it’s clear, and it’s beautiful. I am full of energy and thanksgiving.

Tomorrow, I get to do what may be my favorite wedding of my entire time. My 71 yo cousin is marrying her 78 yo beau and they are as giddy as any 21 year olds. And ain’t Love grand!

Peace be with you. Safe travels to all who are on the road this weekend. Safe home when it is over. And Hurrah! and Peace! and Joy! ‘Tis the season!


The Peace of Beloved Festival Foods

For most of us, Thanksgiving is one of those holidays filled with food and family.

For those without either, let us be generous in opening our hearts and our wallets and cupboards. If we’re going to be thankful, it’s good to be so actively — and there is so much need. Thanksgiving requires great thanksgiving. Some of us are so lucky. I’m humbled by the life I lead. Blessing counting is an important part of this day.

But let us also enjoy — unabashedly… and make plans to revel in the fun.

And the food. Ah, festival foods are the best. Everyone has a favorite food associated with Thanksgiving. We were all stunned when niece Jan chose stuffing as the one food she never had to eat (her brother chose broccoli, which I like, but stuffing, that great gravy conveyance?). The rest of us we all about passing the bowl around one more time.

But for some it’s the yams, for others the turkey itself.

And for me, right up there alongside the stuffing is any kind of cranberry!

I once hosted a thanksgiving feast with 8 different kinds of cranberry sauce. Oh, i was happy!

Today it’s Monday. In three sleeps, it will be Thanksgiving. Turkey. Cranberry. Stuffing.

And a lovely, lovely wedding to perform. Yep. I’m looking forward. (and i get to miss the football part, which I know is other people’s favorite piece.)

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with thanksgiving.


A Quiet, Fall, Sabbath Peace

I spent yesterday cosseting a cold. I’ll do a few more things today. But not a lot.

My guess is that nothing I do will be visible — i’ll work on the infrastructure of my life. There are sweaters to be straightened, a cabinet that needs to be emptied and then rearranged.

There may be a walk outside in the newly changed season. It is now late fall, and the temperatures are where they’re supposed to be. The leaves have finally blow off the trees.

Nothing extreme… but little accomplishments that will give me time to think about the upcoming holiday season, the things i’m thankful for, the things that are ended.

Time to make space for that which is to come.

Peace arrives in such small incremental measures. But we must keep open to its possibilities. Enjoy your day. May it be filled with Peace. May it be filled with Love.


Oh, That Moon. What Peace!

I’m in love with the Moon’s Beauty. It’s not just that she changes with the cycle, she changes with the seasons as well.

I’ve spent a year looking at her, a year being blessed by her beauty. It’s been a year blessed by slowing down and being present to what is.

I keep thinking wherever we are, she smiles on us. Isn’t that a call to smile on everyone?

Isn’t it a call to smile. a call to Peace? May we offer Peace to the Moon so that she may shine that back on the world.


Pride and Peace

I have wonderful friends. I know wonderful people. People who do ordinary and extraordinary things. People who do things to the best of their abilities. People who stretch beyond what is expected of them… whether by others or by themselves.

We have this weird thing going on in today’s culture…  we have both very low expectations of people, jumping up and down when you phone in a an experience — and ridiculously high ones: failing to notice when when people reach deep into themselves and pull out all that is bright and beautiful and put it to work.

When we do our halting best and do a good job, that means something.

Too often we don’t turn to those we love — or even to those we barely know and say good job you worked so hard, you really tried. Not even you succeeded — you worked your heart out on that. The least I can do is be present enough in the moment to notice and to tell you.

And it’s good to know that your friends treasure your work because they know what it costs you. We all do a lot of things that aren’t the easy things for us. We should be proud of ourselves. And we should be proud of people we know. And we should tell them.

I know this is dicey. I know that that pride can be a dangerous thing. It can become more about the pride and less about the doing what needs to be done.

But sometimes we need that encouragement. Sometimes we are so petrified at what we’re undertaking it means the world to have someone turn and say, yep. you’re doing a wonderful job. Keep going. You’ve discovered new possibilities. You’re working hard and doing good. A friend of mine always used to say 5 attaboys or attagirls for you. Yes, you.

My friends, I’m proud of you. Be Peaceful with yourselves. You’re doing the best you can — so much more than you imagined you could.