Everyday Life: Time/Reality Crunch


Last week I was smacked in the face about my (and oh, sorry, I suspect your) inability to tell fantasy from reality. Especially when the fantasy is part of our life. JK Rowlings success has to be explained some way, after all. Kids and adults aren’t lining up for Beedle and Bard to arrive at Christmas Time for any reason other than they’re longing to be re-immersed in that world.

So, I giggled last week when I was reading the new For Better or for Worse strip and the husband was doing his work as a dentist. I had the strangest jolt. Wait, I said, why is John doing dentistry? He retired? Huh…

It took me a while to remember two things: One, they’d restarted at the beginning of their married life. Two, it was a comic strip.

Now, I’m probably more susceptible than many to the reality/unreality continuum, but I suspect that for many of us, those other worlds are quite real.

That means that we need to be very careful which worlds we choose to inhabit and how deliberate we need to be about living right here and right now.

Just a thought for the morning!