The Peace of Away and Home

I’ve been working hard getting ready for my trip. I’m so excited. Going with a good friend, meeting more good friends, going to listen to good friends play incredible music in England… and then going to the place i call home when i speak Swedish and the dearest friends in the world. What could be better? Home and home away from home. (what makes it home you ask? Well, the friends. and the fact that you know where all their dishes are and what in the fridge is being saved for dinner, and what’s up for grabs.) The fact that you have a turn in the rotation for dinner!

But better isn’t the question, really. Different is. Going is exciting. But home is exciting too… I love my life here, and my house, and my friends… and oh, right, my husband and family live here.

For the first time, I’m going to disconnect between places. I’m going to be (or try to be fully where I am. No phones no emails. Maybe a postcard… maybe not. Maybe just there, and then, all too soon, and never soon enough, back home.

There is Peace in both places. There is Peace everywhere if you look and you set about making it. Peace, my friends, I love you. I’ll be back in my home pastures soon enough.

Migrating Peace

It’s interesting. For those of us who have lived many places, we know the differences, however slight between who we are/were and how we lived in all those places.

I’ve always been a person of the in-between places. I love to travel and I have dear friends all over the world. I am the luckiest!

I wonder if the geese remember, either all the time, or when they arrive, the sweet delicacies of being here or there. Or are they simply present, delighting in being. Both could be very sweet…

What is Peace for those of us who migrate? Where are we most truly ourselves? Something lovely to ponder as I fly — from one place I call home to another.

Homes of Comfort and Peace

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the home of a spiritual community looks like since mine is about to (finally, at long last!) buy their building.

It’s never seemed important until now, but not only are we growing, but it feels as if we’ll need a place that can serve as refuge in the time ahead. Refuge to us; refuge to others. We don’t have a kitchen, our bathrooms aren’t as accessible as they should be. Spiritual Homes should offer all the amenities.

And in these tumultuous times, I’m aware (you’d think I’d think about this more, given I’m the preacher lady) how essential the role of the religious community is, to the community itself, to the wider community, and to the individual.

So, a building, with a good path… free of ice and snow in the winter… seems like a lovely luxury on the Peace journey… because there we can find comfort and Peace ourselves and offer it to our neighbors…

Home Is Where the Peace Gets Made

This faith community seems very much like my forever shell, and this Valley seems like my forever beach.

Some of it is familiarity, some of it is skill, some of it perseverance and dedication, and some of it is just luck.

I am lucky to have found the tribe who makes Peace in ways that are familiar and complementary to mine.

Peace. Make it at home. It’s where you best know how to go about it. It’s where you’ll most easily recognize it.

Sunrise, Sabbath, Summer Peace… ah…

Before I start, I have to acknowledge the passing of the extraordinary Elie Wiesel. I am so grateful for what he taught us, his insistence on truth and his grace in the face of human frailty. We were so lucky for his presence among us.

This is one of those posts where I’ll have a hard time keeping the day straight. There was Peace on Saturday and there will be Peace on Sunday. It was Saturday that I was knee deep in the Susquehanna sending 30 paddlers off for a day on the river: The inaugural paddle of our riverkeeper, 22 miles of the Susquehanna on a perfect day in July.

We have one! This is a thing!! She’s in there fighting for our River who cannot fight for herself. The paddlers are all passionate about her mission.

So they had a lovely day, saw some things to be corrected, remembered just how beautiful this river is AND how vital to our lives. I could burble on a long time.

However, today is also going to be a great day. We start off with a hymn sing in an 1800 chapel. It’s got wonderful accoustics and my community loves to sing. Harmony! hurrah. It’s good for the soul.

There is no yard sale today! hurrah, hurrah… Which sounds like I’m not grateful for it, the good it does, the community it builds, and the money it raises, I am, but I’m tired.

So I’ll spend a little time turfing out my house and prepping salad for tomorrow’s yard sale and then… i’ll open the books for my summer sabbatical. and smile! I’ll sit on the porch and read. Maybe I’ll swim.

I’ll remember this Sabbath and keep it holy, that’s for sure. I hope you find something wonderful to do. If your weather is like our weather, it’s going to be a great day! Peace of the summer, Peace of the river, be with you, be with the whole world.