Cutting through to the Heart of Peace

I love these roads that slice through broad swaths of fields on their way to somewhere. Roads with trees that act both as windbreak and tunnel. You’re going where they lead you and that’s that.

What if we were to set our minds and hearts on Peace and simply go?

Straight ahead toward Beauty. I find myself dithering between the word Home and the Word Unknown, because Peace is surely both, isn’t it?

What an odd and wonderful concept. But one way or the other, Going where Life is headed! Peace. May the Unknown become Home to all who travel.


Sweet Little Home Peace

I’m back spending the night in a little house in Oakland that I lived in for quite a few years. It’s a wonderful house, with wonderful friends, and great memories.

When I woke up this morning, I rolled over and stared at the ceiling and remembered. Ah that ceiling. I remember when I moved in. Jenn was out of town on business for another week and Erik was here helping me move.

We sat on my sofa and looked at the room and thought. Wow, what a beautifully proportioned room. I still think that. It’s a pleasing house, with great lines and wonderful tucked in glass cabinets in the dining room… It has an interesting history… and holds interesting history for me!

I’m so lucky to be able to come back and visit my past and feel at home here. The house is cozy and so are my friendships. Nice. Peace…


House-holding Peace.

I confess (which is hardly a confession if you know me!) that I am not a great homemaker. While I love a lovely home, and have one, I am too easily distracted to constantly be working at upkeep. So it comes in binges from me. (and should probably come from a cleaning person on a regular basis… maybe i SHOULD start playing lotto!)

But when summer break hits, I seem to snap into motion. Calm and beauty must be restored at home! So I can leave and come back to a place of beauty and be encouraged to put away all the travel stuff really quickly so that it can be beautiful again!

The Peace of your Home supports you as you work for the Peace of your World. Everyone needs a little corner of sanity!



Diamenté Peace Lunacy

Out we go, into the cold and starry night! There, to be overwhelmed with the frigid beauty.

When the temperatures drop and the moisture disappears from the air, we have a much better view of the sky.

Wrap up and go out and look at the beauty.

I can’t imagine you won’t find it stirring. And consider, this black heaven filled with dancing light blankets the world (ok half of it at this point). People who think far different thoughts than you, people who live far different lives are looking at these heavens in awe and wonder.

May they look at Beauty in safety and Peace. All of them. Every last one. And then wait, here comes the Moon…

And in this frigid weather, may everyone have a place to go to be warm and cozy…



Homebody Peace, llvl

I always say I love to travel. And I do… after a fashion. I’m more adventurous with someone I love… but otherwise, I’ve realized that I travel to places I feel at home.

There are some places I’d love to see, but I keep thinking… oh, I could use that time and money to see people I love.

I think I like traveling to places where I know where the teacups are kept and I don’t have to say “Mother, may I?” to put the kettle on…

Sometimes it’s hard to settle all these lovely pictures of home into their puzzle but for me it’s worth the struggle. These places add to who I am, they inform me and my world view and they let me loll about in Love, sweet Love…

I’ve needed Sweden and my sense of home here in Kristinehamn after Deb’s death. In particular, Lorraine is home to me… she’s known me so long, so consistently. I hadn’t cried with her since my mom died, since Deb died. In her presence it was safe to look at how big the loss has been because in her presence my heart is filled.

Home, where who I am makes a difference… because Home is the easiest place to make a difference.

Thanks, my Swedish Friends, for the cups of tea and chats about things that matter and things that amuse. Hello, my Central PA friends, I’m coming home. Home to where we care about what happens to kids with no weekend foods. Home where we can imagine being the Valley with No Hungry Children. Home to where the blues and Jazz run Susquehanna cool and refreshing. Home where my love lives. Home where my friendships are also deep and true… Home where I know where lots of you keep your teacups…