The Peace of our Beloved Departed

There are so many different burial practices. All of them make sense within the cultures from which they developed. The ones I have experienced have all given me heart’s ease.

Part of the work of Peace is to find where each of us find Peace, where in joy, where in sorrow.

And then to honor that in one another. Peace be with us all.

The Blues, The Joy, The Peace

I used to sing back up with this woman. It was always fun because she was always ready for a good time. We always laughed.

And then she fell in love and went away, and music isn’t as giggly fun as it used to be in this valley.

Even when you sing the blues, when there’s harmony and friends, the blues aren’t as hard to carry.

The laughter and the music fill and heal your heart… Join together, they fill the hearts of the singers. They fill the hearts of the players. They fill the hearts of the audience.

Everyone’s hearts are in the same place. That’s Peace! Thanks Averie! You’re so Savory! And so is Peace!

Another day of Peace

A quiet day for me and I hope for you: Tidings of Comfort! Joy! and Peace!

(and pace yourself on the left overs!)

Persevering for Peace

Ruby is a good mascot for Perseverance… Ain’t nothing gonna keep that tail from wagging or those legs from doing what they can.

The tail wag is how her Dog Mom makes her decisions for her health. Ruby continues the fight with enthusiasm, tail wags and hey there, Mom kisses.

Peace needs us.  It needs us to be as determined as Ruby is — and as cheerful. Why drag our way to Peace. If our goal is Joy, then Joy should start now.

It makes the journey so much easier. It reminds us that Life is a gift and part of honoring it being joyful and persevering in the greatest challenge we have ever been given: Peace on Earth. Let’s do this thing. Let’s persevere in Peace.

Mystery, Wonder, Joy, Awe — Peace!

We need to keep paying attention! Mystery abounds — if only we look for it!

Moments like this happen — and they can be a jolt to remind us that Beauty and Awe and Wonder and Joy are alive and well in this world. And where they are, there can Peace be also.

But we have to notice and take the time to experience the Mysterious and the Beautiful. And then we have to use that glory to work for Peace.

The world offers us so many reasons and so much encouragement. Why not use them for good? Let’s Peace, for all the right reasons!