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Sexual Intimacy as part of your wedding planning

Wedding Priestess is the first to admit that she is not a sexpert. I’m a ceremony maven. But I can tell you this. Couples that have active and healthy sex lives, who can talk about their pleasure and take the time to be with one another have a much easier time planning the wedding and better relationships and marriages. I’ll be on the look out for some good experts, but in the meantime here are some things you might think about doing because they’re going to help you keep your sex life active and loving.

  1. Spend time together out of bed having fun.
  2. Spend time together in bed not having sex and not watching tv (remember talking?)
  3. Be tender with one another. Hold hands, kiss, be proud of each other!
  4. Do things for each other. Sex is more attractive when there aren’t chores and errands piling up.
  5. Do romantic things that lead toward sex and romantic things that lead nowhere but towards romance.
  6. Talk about sex problems out of bed.
  7. Work at pleasing your partner. Find out what rocks their world. Try it!
  8. Remember that your brain is the largest sex organ we have. Your skin is the second. Seduce yourself and one another.
  9. Get plenty of sleep.
  10. Understand that having sex is a great and wonderful thing.

And remember, they’re now thinking that having sex satisfies your hunger for food. So if you’re working at losing weight before you get married, working on your sex life will not only make the whole wedding planning process more fun (oh, boy, if we get this chore out of the way, we can spend tomorrow in bed!) it’ll also have a side benefit of keeping you svelte. there you go.

Tip:  Couples that have healthy sex lives, based in mutual affection and pleasure have healthier marriages. Let’s see, have great sex and a healthy marriage? Sounds pretty good to me!

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Sweet Words

Hey, go check out the article at I’m celebrating Chloé Yelena Miller and Anna Huckabee Tull. They do wonderful work AND they’re going to be on the radio!

Tip: Hear them both on California Web Radio. The host is interviewing 14 poets in honor of Valentine’s Day along with two authors of relationship books. Program starts at 8. Anna’s being interviewed by Roland about her 1999 Love Song “Missing You (Sexy?)” Thursday Feb. 12, 9:20 PM E.S.T. Chloé is on earlier: 8:20-9 pm E.S.T.

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The Great American Kiss-Off

OK, wrote this for my Phila Examiner site in response to yesterday’s post about not enough kissing? No kisses? how horrible. So if you’ve kissed in Philadelphia, I need to hear from you. But if you’ve had a fabulously memorable kissing place somewhere else, let me know! (GP deets only!) we’ll write about it here!

Tip: to work on your kissing style, try And then. practice random acts of kissing. Let life sizzle in the January cold!

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Kissing! I’ve been quoted!

It’d be even more fun if the article I was quoted in said that there had been a recent upswing in kissing in these United States and that people were spending ‘way too much time locking lips. but hello, not the case.

Wedding Priestess thinks this is important! Check out the image that my friend Lorraine made for our wedding (very close to one year ago) and you’ll see that I’m the kinda girl who thinks kissing matters.


Tip: Valentine’s Day is coming. Get out there and practice! After all, you’re going to have to go public soon! So, smooch already. It’s fun. (but don’t get so engrossed that you forget to go read the article that quotes MOI!)