Love Letters and Peace

Ah, youth… At least I think we can blame defacing trees on youth… it seems so romantic then and trees so permanent… and love so overwhelming. Although love, it seems is always overwhelming.

But this pic made me laugh and made me remember the joy and the passion (and if truth be told, the heartbreak and deep sorrow only possible in the years of teens and twenties. These days I just don’t have the energy for the drama!)

But love. It’s important to know who we love. It’s important that we love the sweet self-involvement of passion to deepen into love the sustains not only us but also our communities. Love is the ground that Peace grows in…

Temporary Peace of a Boat to Nowhere

As temperatures climb, it looks so inviting to be out in the middle of a very chilly body of water. The Sun is so hot. The water so cold.

This photo has escape written all over it.

It gets this hot, escape looks attractive.

But the world needs us. The Earth needs us. Our country needs us. So sailing away doesn’t quite respond to that need, unless, as I said as a temporary escape, a chance to clear our heads and hearts — As Eller-Isaacs says “to forgive ourselves and each other and to begin again in love.” And Peace. Always in Peace.

Let us breathe deeply of respite, and turn again to creating Peace.


Rocks of Peace

I am a rather reluctant outdoorswoman. Now more than ever there’s that allergy thing. And I don’t know whether it’s inertia or friends, or what, but it’s hard to get me outside, unless there are friends dragging me along. And then I remember I like things.

And it’s not every time I am in Nature that I remember how much I like heart shaped rocks. I have a beautiful California jade heart i wear, picked up on a beach, and wrapped in silver wire. They fit well in our hands and it’s plenty grounding to play with stones.

The Riverkeeper tells me that those rock cairns can interrupt Nature and we’re better not making them. So maybe if we find heart rocks we can just set them out a bit more prominently.

Some people are painting rocks and leaving them around towns. Maybe we could just leave plain, unpainted, pretty heart rocks. Reminders to the world, I love you. I come in Peace.

They remind me every time i hold them: I love.  I come in Peace. I have Peace in my hands for you in the shape of a heart shaped rock.

Faces of Peace, Wherever You Look

There are so many places on cliffs and in streams where a profile or a whole or partial face appears. Geologists can explain how they were worn or why the rock broke in that way.

But even the not so fanciful among us are caught by those faces. It’s easy to anthropomorphize… As a species, we’re built for that.

But I always wonder… being me… about the spirit of that rock. Although of course, I wonder about the spirit of that stream or cliff… but the face always catches at my heart.

Speak to me of Love, o Oracle of the Rock. Speak to me of Peace.

Happy Valentine’s Peace!

Remember to Love people boldly… your partner, your friends, your neighbors, the strangers, the world.

The world is a much better place when we do. Breathing in Love, as the song goes, we breathe out Peace. That’s our job. Everyday. Breathing in Love, breathing out Peace. Let’s make every day Valentine’s Day! Let’s give Cupid a bigger job! Romance is easy (well, sometimes! Peace is a challenge!)