What You Want from a Metaphor: #1

You want to find one good metaphor to use at your wedding ceremony. Metaphors can lodge in our psyches and remain there to encourage us. Ritual activities and metaphors that we use ceremonially will remind us for the rest of our life of how we felt when they were first employed. Something as simple as a metaphor can strengthen your marriage for the rest of your life.

1. The image should be pertinent to who you are.

You don’t want to talk about relationship as  a stewpot, blending your life into a flavorful broth, if your relationship is built on or at least more like extreme sports. (Be careful about choosing a metaphor or activity that you might not always be able to do. Babies, health, careers can make demands on lives and marriages and triathlon training may not get to be the center of your life always and forever!)

You would only talk about relationship as a stewpot if you LIKED stew, or were foodies. You would only talk about relationship as a journey if you enjoyed journeying together.

Tip: The more familiar the metaphor to your life, the better it will work for you.