include your community & lower wedding costs

OK, The Wedding Priestess will acknowledge right off that there’s a fine line here. I am not advocating one of those made-for-tv-mini-series where Bride and Groom Zilla abuse their community and demand that everyone do it “their way.”

And what I’m suggesting still has a price tag. You’re going to spend money on your wedding. You’re still going to have to manage a budget.

But your wedding can also be an investment in the future of your community. The more your community is drawn in, the more they participate in the making of the wedding; the more likely they are to participate in the growth of the marriage.

Not everyone is going to want to make their wedding gift an activity or a service. But some will. Some will love finding ways to participate with you. There’s uncertainty to live with. You’ll never know what everything is going to look like day of or what’s going to happen, but it’ll be great. Your community will enjoy it — and so will you. (You are going to have to work on the meaning of the ceremony and the wedding vows so that people know they’re participating in something that makes a difference!)

This is only viable if you are people who are understood to invest in your communities.

Tip: consider a community wedding, where the emphasis is on the people in your lives and your desire for them to witness your vows and celebrate together. And then see what kind of wedding magic you can make together.