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Readings at your Wedding Ceremony

The readings you choose for your wedding ceremony can have a huge impact on the success of your ceremony and even the success of your marriage.

Metaphors work for us. They create an image in our brain and our brain can’t separate the image from reality. So if red roses are aligned with everlasting marital love in a poem, then every time you and your sweetie beloved see a rose, you will be reminded of the joy of your wedding day and the importance your everlasting marital love. A poem will do all this for you free of charge!

Tip: Take the time to find one or two readings (and you never need more) that really speak to the love that you have for one another or the qualities you feel will make your marriage successful. Libraries, bookstores, and the internet all offer you great opportunities to find the perfect reading for the two of you. Then find someone who reads really well and ask him or her to deliver the readings in your wedding ceremony. It’s always great to have a reading right before your wedding vows. Finding the right readings are an investment worth making in your future!