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Your Holiday Wedding: Eggnog

Well, while you’re decking the boughs, don’t forget to make the egg nog. It’s a lovely drink and or dessert at your wedding or rehearsal dinner.  egg nog mousse? ooh, very good.

You’re going to have to look up your own recipe because mine is back from the pre-salmonella days. You need to cook the yellow mixture if you’re going to serve it. but it’s a delight. And a great egg nog recipe is one of those things people will remember you for and want to come to your holiday anniversary party.

Tip: Serve a great Egg Nog at your wedding and make it part of your holiday tradition. People will always associate your wedding with that fabulous frothy heart-attack-inducing drink and come around to celebrate your anniversary! And the more attention you and your community give to things like anniversaries, the stronger your marriage becomes. This is good!