Peace Mirror

I love this picture. Is it a mirror reflecting an object? Is it an object? Is it flat and painted? Is it three dimensional? Is it convex or concave?

At some point, I have, in looking at this picture, considered all these things. I don’t know. I think I know, but I’m not sure. Here’s what I do know. Reflection or object, it’s beautiful.

If it’s a reflection it asks us to consider whether what is reflected in the mirror is truthful and beautiful. If it’s truthful, I’d hold that it was beautiful. If it’s an object do we know our beauty and our worth?

Somehow the notion of Peace dances with all of these possibilities. How do we show our Beauty and our vulnerabilities? Does our reflection tell the Truth? And how are we generous reflectors of what we see?

Peace… it’s such a lovely and confusing dance!


Reflecting for Peace

We look back and see where we were. We consider who we are now. We look forward and determine who we will be.

There are so many words. And we’re all using them. But the inhale, exhale, plan, do, are where we need to be, that’s about all I’ve got.

And look back a bit, drag forward all the good things you believe in and commit. Look at what worked. And what didn’t. And then do what needs to be done. That’s going to have to be what we’re about, isn’t it?

Last night the people in my faith community remembered that we have a forebear who stood in times like these. It helps. We’re the ones who have to bring the Peace.


Space for Peace

Carving out space in our lives and in our homes in which we can be reflective and creative is so important to our well-being and health.

Plenty of businesses and creative endeavors start at the kitchen table, but it’s better if there’s a corner of the room or the garage where our work can stand idle. The need to set up and clean up in addition to working is sometimes too great a challenge — It may not leave enough time for the creation…

And when work stands so that we can consider it, feel what it’s trying to become, the work gets better. Neither Contemplation nor Creation are particularly neat activities.

Even when the work is standing there, beckoning and some times accusing, it can be hard enough to get to. But it’s far easier to starve our creativity and deny ourselves our time to reflect if that work isn’t there.

Whatever it is, it’s good to have space. It’s good to have the discipline. It’s good to have the self confidence to help your children understand that no, this is yours, just as you help them create a space that is there’s.

Make rules about working. And stick to it. I don’t know where my mythical child came from, but if you have a child, help them make space for their creativity and commit to working on it. People who tinker are people who create. When you have space dedicated to your creativity, you take yourself more seriously. And when you do that, you get better at your art — or your silence — or whatever it is you need your space to do.

Making space for creativity and reflection is making space for you to be the best you. It’s making space for your own Peace and for your contribution to Peace in your wider world. That matters a lot! You have something to give Peace. The world needs your gift and it needs Peace.