Your Wedding Matters: Make Sure All Weddings Matter

Yesterday on my RSS feed, I got this disturbing article from Elizabeth Oakes, The National Wedding Examiner from She wrote about the coercion of young girls into marriage around the world. You may or may not have heard about movement to lower the marital age again. Read her article and see why it’s not such a great idea either for the little girls or for you.

Marriage matters. The free willed acceptance of one responsible, loving partner by another is one of the most important choices and promises that individuals ever make and keep. It is sacred when and because the decision is made by responsible, loving partners. Same-sex marriages are sacred when the partners are responsible and loving. Heterosexual marriages are not sacred if one party has no say in her life, even if that marriage is made between a man and a woman(child).

For our marriages to be sacred, we must speak out against forced marriage. We must speak out against the enslavement of young girls. Every marriage should be as special as yours is. Every wedding should be as perfect.

Tip on the frog thing: My dears, if the frog doesn’t turn into a prince when you kiss him, don’t marry him. He’s not what you were looking for. This may be some of the best advice I’ve ever given!

Same Sex Marriage: Wedding Priestess Speaks Out

Oh, says WP, pulling her hair. reading the Washington Post today, I came across an editorial proposing Catholic Blessings of Same-Sex Unions. Sigh. They thought celibacy in marriage was a good thought. Just, as I’m sure you know, infertile couples are celibate, aging couples are celibate, and couples who’ve just had babies and know it’s too soon to have another are celibate.

I’ll say this many times. There is not too much love in the world. There are not too many committed relationships. The more committed relationships there are, the more successful committed relationships there will be. The Law can not circumscribe the wisdom of the heart.

Tip: Go read the article and scroll down and read what I said. And yes, Wedding Priestess DID spell her name wrong. It was early, ok?

60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

60 years ago today, the UN passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This Declaration and human rights have been under siege at home and all over the world. In the marriage corner human rights are threatened as states rush to pass discriminatory marriage amendments.

Marriage is sacred. But we do not treat it as such. More than 50 percent of first time marriages end in divorce. Are we marrying too early, too hastily, with not enough thought or conviction? The sacredness of marriage is not in who marries but in who keeps the commitments.

Same Sex Marriage: Their Right, Everyone’s Responsibility

Tip: Speak out in favor of the rights of gays and lesbians to marry and for their families to have the protection of the law. Shore up your own marital success and surround yourself with people who make and keep loving promises.