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Ann Keeler Evans

I’m Ann Keeler Evans and I’m the Priestess: the Wedding and Ritual Priestess, Tarot Priestess, Ritual Priestess. Peace Priestess. I’m the Priestess and I’m In. In where? Well, right here where you are, wherever that is. I am here to help you understand that life is an invitation to find meaning, purpose, and meaningful connections wherever you are.

You may be wondering about how and why I wound up here with you. It has been a journey — one I’ve loved taking — and one I know will continue. Maybe you’ll join me on the next part of the journey…

I was a very lucky child. The last of three children, born to a happy couple in the early 50s. We lived in a lovely little river town in rural North Central Pennsylvania. I was white. Attended a mainstream Christian Church, where I was taught to seek for meaning and relationship and lived an idyllic life. I learned about security. I learned about connection. Unlike so many children, I was safe. But my parents pushed, “Leave the nest.”

In 1969 I moved to Sweden as a Rotary Exchange student. A new language. A very different culture and political life. New food. It might have been impossible if I hadn’t landed in an amazing family with four sisters and a brother. Once again, I was safe, yet still outside my comfort zone. I learned Swedish, ate weird fish dishes, made new friends, loved my family, and found my new niche.

But at the end of the year, I was tumbled back into the world of my childhood, forever changed. Life wasn’t as comfortable, because now it was too small. I went to college, learned some critical thinking, enlarged my place of safety as I learned new things to give life meaning and purpose.

I moved to New York City and lived there for 15 years. I worked on Wall Street before being called to reverse my course and attend Seminary. However much I loved New York’s speed and excitement, I needed meaning and purpose. I knew life could be fuller, more joyful, more transformational. I moved to Northern California, looking for a job in a church. Didn’t find one, but did found the seeds of my Priestess identity. I performed life rituals — baby blessings, comings of age, weddings, work milestones, illnesses, memorials — for people who were outside or in-between religious traditions.  I resumed my studies on Tarot and found new ways to be in conversation with people about their lives.

Life, as it does, interfered: I had so many deaths in my life — AIDS, accidents, suicides, age — Twenty friends and family members died within twenty years. I moved back home and spent time with those who were dying. Even though by then I was working at a Unitarian Universalist Congregation, I wasn’t hearing folk either ask the questions or suggest answers that I found interesting or helpful enough to sustain my quest for creating and living in Sacred Villages focused on Peace.

I retired from parish ministry, placing my writing and peacemaking at the center of my life. Once again, I picked up my studying and reading tarot. I recommitted to enjoying the rituals, observances, and celebrations of life and the earth’s turnings. By now I participate in Sacred Villages of Peace all over the world. And I’m continue to foster them. I believe in Love. I believe in Peace. I believe in Sacred Villages, large and small, based on Peace.

I’m confident that you have much to contribute to Peace and Peacemaking. Explore the site below to find the places where you would like to connect with me on this journey.


7/2021 – Present
Ann Keeler Evans, Priestess and Peacemaker

3/2011 – 6/2021
UUCSV Minister: Pastoral Care, Preaching, Church Development and Growth, Social Justice Activism

10/2009 – 3/2011
UUCSV Relief Minister: Pastoral Care and Preaching

1992 – Present
A Rite to Remember/Wedding Priestess: Founder and Principal — providing rituals and celebrations for all occasions for people in between or outside religious traditions

1992 – 1999 
A Communion of Women: Founder, Earth-based Divine Feminine community

1989 – 1990
United Way: Consultant, Needs Assessment Team

1988 – 1989 
Facilitator: Business Organization Meetings (NYC)



1984 – 1987
Union Theological Seminary – Masters of Divinity in Theology & Performance (M.Div) (with distinction)

1982 – 1983
Pepperdine University – Course work completed for Masters in Organizational Development (MSOD)

1970 – 1974
Wilson College – AB in French, minor Education, one year study abroad in Strasbourg, France (cum laude)

1969 – 1970
Brogårdsskollan – Kristinehamn, Sweden



Peacemaker’s Tarot for the 21st Century Volume One (2021)

Peacemaker’s Tarot: A Primer for Changing the World. You first! (2013)

Remembering a Life: On the Death of Your Beloved (2005)

Promises to Keep: Crafting Your Wedding Ceremony (2000)

Article: “Prayers for Healing: 365 Blessings, Poems, and Meditations from around the World”, Maggie Oman Shannon (2000)

Article: “Prayers for Hope and Comfort: Reflections, Meditations and inspirations”, Maggie Oman Shannon (2008)

Article: “Crafting Calm: Projects and Crafting for Creativity and Contemplation”, Maggie Oman Shannon (2013)

Daily Item column:
“Peacemaker’s Pondering” – monthly, 2021–present

Daily Item column:
“Lean on Me” – 65 articles on aging parents (2012-2013)

Songs & Commentary:
Songs for Earthlings
by Julie Middleton
750 articles on weddings (2008-2010)

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