I’m Ann Keeler Evans, Priestess and Peacemaker, and you are welcome here!

photo by Rhea Hodgson at Silience Photography 

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by today!

Peacemaking and Spirituality are serious pursuits. They can also be conduits for joy and fulfillment in everyday life. As Priestess and Peacemaker, I help you map a path while uplifting the world, uncover the delight and camaraderie in finding life’s meaning, as well as  your place and purpose, as you become authentically and powerfully yourself. You deserve a joyous, practical, spiritual life, dedicated to Peacemaking, while living carefully yet abundantly on our Planet Earth.

It is a joy to be invited into communities to create ritual and meaning for people exactly where they live — across this wide country and deep in their souls.

A Prayer for Everyday

Out of the dark stillness
Light gathers, softening the sky.
A new day dawns —
Unknown potential and reborn hope.

I give thanks for the daily living of my life
Moment by Moment
The gifts and the challenges,
The sweet and the silly
Transformed by Time’s passing
Into Memory and History.

I offer myself to the world
As an instrument of Peace.
I will let every day and every endeavor
Be a prayer of thanks for life.

With Your Name on my lips,
I begin.

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As a Peacemaker and a Community Builder, I help people understand their gifts and strengths, while discovering the best ways for them to use them in to make Peace in the world. I have been working at being a Peacemaker throughout my ministry — and looking back, I realize that I have been working toward this for my whole life. It is a curious, confusing, and wonderfully rewarding way of life.

Peace matters. It matters enough that we are called to participate in building communities in which Peace can flourish. We are not Peaceful if we are not Peaceful in relationship, whether with Nature or Beings. Peace is so much more than a lovely concept. It is not simply an idea; it is a goal. 

Throughout time, Peace has been understood far too often as either the opposite or the absence of war. That understanding severely underestimates the hope and potential of Peace. Peacemaking is an active verb that starts with a sense of wonderment about the Beauty and Abundance in which we live and leads us forward into community.

As a Peacemaker, I focus on finding the possibilities for connection and meaning, for creating rather than simply combatting. As such, I am a student of Nonviolence, which is the use of peaceful means, rather than force, to bring about political or social change. Nonviolence is a challenge to those of us raised in the Western World, but without it, without the creativity and collaboration, there can be no Peace.

We all need support in our process of building Peace and your Sacred Village(s) of Peace. As a Priestess and a Peacemaker, my calling is to be ‘in’ here for you to encounter and engage with for support and inspiration as you become a Peacemaker too.

Most Recent Peacemaker Pondering :

  • There are so many words that define Peace. One of the things I’ve been pointing to throughout this series, is that Peace is a collage… maybe even a heady, glorious kaleidoscope of things. We are so used to working within the parameters of the practical and the permitted. In contrast to this, Possibilities are endless. Let’s … Continue reading "Let Us Fill ourselves with Possibilities of Peace!"

More Peacemaker Ponderings

We need to stop asking about the meaning of life, and instead to think of ourselves as those who are being questioned by life — daily and hourly. Our answer must consist, not in talk and meditation, but in right action and in right conduct. Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the task which it constantly sets for each individual. These tasks, and therefore the meaning of life, differ from person to person, and from moment to moment.

Viktor Frankl, 1905 – 1997

Some Of My Best Friends - painting of books by Nancy Phelps
Some Of My Best Friends by Nancy Phelps

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A Rite to Remember

Ritual has power. It creates a space and a moment to focus on the meaningful events in our lives. It joins individuals into a community that can acknowledge, honor, and strengthen our deepest sense of humanity. The need for ritual makes us long for familiar forms that link us to the past and for new words that reflect who we are today and for what we hope to become.

My services are designed to offer everyone the opportunity to shape and share in ceremonies that nurture life and to make language that echoes in memory, brings light to the present and helps us to thrive through lean and plenty.

Together, through ritual, we define our lives and speak our hearts during time-honored events. Ritual allows us to express the deeper meaning in aspects of modern life that deserve community celebration and support. Through my work I seek to create appropriate forms for all aspects of life that bond communities and families and to enhance our appreciation and patience for the splendid cycle of life and growth.

My approach is based on three essential processes:

  • Trust: Together we build a working relationship that can explore the meaning of a ceremony, its purpose and its context.
  • Personalization: Together, we find the words and actions that capture the significance of the moment and explain it in ways that are comfortable and natural to you.
  • Connecting: Together we fashion a celebration that speaks your thoughts and feelings to your family friends and community while inviting them to listen, join and share.
Purple Iris by Betty

Rituals of Celebration
Rituals of Commemoration
Rituals of Dedication

The Wedding Priestess

Poppy by Betty K. Evans

Your wedding ceremony is the focus of your wedding day and the cornerstone of your marriage.

Wedding ceremonies have certain ritual elements that move a couple from unmarried to married. Your wedding ceremony can guide you throughout your marriage, when you look back and consider the goals you set and the things you love about each other.

I will work with you to produce a service that will truly represent your loving relationship and commitment and be the foundation for the marriage you will build together. When you work with me to create the ceremony, the more time we can spend together, moving the ceremony and your relationship to the center of the wedding day, the better I can reflect your loving relationship, the more successful the day will be, and the more your ceremony can support you as a couple throughout your marriage.

I look forward to the joy of our working together to build the ceremony that will honor your dreams and celebrate the promises you will keep for a lifetime.

Peacemaker’s Tarot

Peacemaker's Tarot for the 21st century (cover)

Peacemaker’s Tarot
for the 21st centur

Not your grandmother’s tarot!” ™

Tarot helps us to be more present and aware in the moment. We don’t know what will happen in Life, so it’s crucial to know where we are in our own lives. However, old symbols and metaphors no longer have meaning in a world that is longing for new and meaningful reference points.

Peacemaker’s Tarot for the 21st Century is not a parlor game and does not predict your future as a passive event over which you have no control. PT21stC is intended to explore how you can actively create your future based on the values of Peace and nonviolence.

Peacemaker’s Tarot for the 21st Century helps us think about the moment with Peace and nonviolence at the center of our considerations. Read this and get curious about what comes next. Then come enjoy a reading with Ann. The Tarot Priestess is In for you.


I love the work I do. I appreciate the importance of work on ritual, tarot, and community within the context of Peace. Sometimes, however, my world can become too focused on this importance.

Mother Earth (sketch) by Siri Soderblom

So I also write stories that emerge from the heart of my whimsy. Preaching and public speaking reaches to stir people’s souls; my stories wish to stir delight and laughter and joy.

As a high school Rotary Youth Exchange student in Sweden, I encountered stories of the “Hidden Folk.” I am fascinated by the notion of Nature Magic. In those stories, many of the folk are said to be mischievous or “pranky,” but usually you find that humans have tricked or mistreated them. I believe the hidden folk not only represent the possibilities of magic and the doing of good and caring deeds, they also show humans how life would be different, were we only to act as kindly toward one another as they act toward us and toward the land they represent.

Father Time
Father Time (sketch) by Siri Soderblom

I am very excited to be working with Siri as an illustrator, for her love for these beings is as deep as mine — and whereas I hear them and see their action, she has been catching their likenesses for years.

Hmmm…I wonder what magic being put us together? I can’t wait to see what you have to say about how they create community, and how they build Peace.

The VENN of Ann

The Venn of Ann

Encompassing everything is Peace; Peacemaking is the ocean I have committed to swim in. It is the air I breathe. I work hard to keep the focus of all my work on Peacemaking.

Within are the circles representing my deepest talents. These are my gifts and the skills I have worked to develop. I create ritual in these arenas and I write, read, and reflect on them as well.

Tarot • Ritual • Community … and the places in between? Ah, those are where the magic happens:

Tarot – Ritual :
• Determine a course of action, then create a ritual dedicated to the work ahead.
• Recover from trauma by creating a ritual that purifies and moves the trauma into the non-active past.
• Seek out new possibilities and take the time to ritually commit to growing into what you hadn’t been able to imagine before.

Ritual – Community :
• Rites of passage for individuals, couples, and families that happen within proscribed communities.
• Celebrations and commemorations that concern the entire community, violence, regret, remembrance.
• Celebrations of dedication to possibility and peace.

Community – Tarot :
• Readings at gatherings that define what the community needs to work on.
• Readings for projects that examine the roles that will be needed to complete a project and who ought to be included.
• Readings that explore how groups can work together.

And in the center of it all, when the balance is right and I’m doing my best work, the Hickernell Springs Moon Fairy dances for joy.