Three-Card Readings


My best way to work on change? Prolonger, Protester, or ProactivistPast, Present, Future: Reviewing, Examining, Planning • Dark Moon Readings: Releasing, Reflecting, Choosing Your Course • Full Moon Readings: Counting Blessings, Celebrating, Recalibrating.

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Past, Present, Future:
Where do I come from and how do I think about that?
Where am I now and what should I be considering?
What is coming and how will I be best prepared to deal with that and thrive?


What way will it be most comfortable for me to work on a project that needs change?
Prolonger — how do I best work within the situation in which I find myself?
Protester — how do I confront the challenges inherent in the situation?
Proactivist — what skills do I need to bring to bear if I’m going to create a new way of working on this project?


Three-Card Readings for the Dark Moon:
Releasing, Reflecting, Choosing Your Course.


Three-Card Readings for the Full Moon:
Counting Blessings, Celebrating, Recalibrating.

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Past,Present,Future, Prolonger,Protester,Proactivist, Dark Moon, Full Moon