The Priestess is in.


Priestess, Psalmist, Poet, and Peacemaker;

Woman of Wisdom and Wonder, Author and Activist;

Teller of Tales, Truths, and Tarot; Thealogian*;

and Dreamer and Doer of good.

I wander the world and the web, praying as I go,

Delighting in Awe and Laughter.


I am a thealogian* and spiritual circuit rider for today’s constantly evolving ecumenical world. It’s a joy to be invited into communities to create ritual and meaning for people exactly where they live — across this wide country and deep in their souls.

*As a thealogian, I mediate the Divine Feminine and consider the world through that lens.


Tarot. Classes in Ritual and Tarot. Prayers. Ceremonies, celebrations, rites to remember. More. Always more!


Peace + Justice Work

Peace and Justice are the core of spirituality. Everything I do is a prayer and effort for both. Discover the particular activist work I do- all of which has room for you, too!


Books, articles, essays, and poems, spanning genres and decades. I write abundantly, on many topics.



It’s good to have dreams. Consider it goal-setting, consider it a mission statement, consider it Love.


“Ann has lived in republican states, socialist countries and democratic cities. She studied in a mainstream Christian Seminary, read with a friend as she prepared for her bat mitzvah, explored emerging spiritualities and sat with indigenous elders. She has lived alone and in community. Ann insists on the value of intimate conversation and thrives in cyberspace. She has balanced her life by taking long sabbaticals and then working endlessly pursuing her dreams. Through it all, she has successfully woven an integrated life. Sometimes she moves quietly and carefully between these disparate worlds.

These days you’ll find Ann living quietly in a rural Pennsylvania farming community or dashing around the metropolitan Bay Area. Profoundly extroverted and wildly reflective. Deeply reverent and laughingly iconoclastic? It’s all Ann!”

Lily, a friend.

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Daily Musings

Psalms: poetic ponderings on Peace, togetherness, and more.

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