Welcome to Peacemaker’s Tarot, a place of learning and exploration.

For the past two years, and for some years going forward, I have been re-envisioning the Tarot to be a source of and tool for nonviolence and Peacemaking. I’m excited to introduce you to the overview of Peacemaker’s Tarot for the 21st Century. The book will be presented in a serialized fashion. Very soon now, you’ll be able to purchase the first portion of Peacemaker’s Tarot for the 21st Century: Starting the Journey, Revisiting Sacred Ground. Keep checking back to this website for updates.

The Second portion, the Introduction to the Major Aracana and then the cards will appear as soon as the cards and I can agree on a rather major point. (ah, there was a time when this seemed so straightforward!) But I’m still writing!  Sign up for Peacemaker’s Ponderings, my weekly newsletter right here. 

Growing, growing, growing…

This website will grow right along with the book. Technology has changed immensely and new things are possible. They all take time to develop, but there will be many ways for you to learn along with PT21stC and me — Ann Keeler Evans — The Priestess Is In!

In the meantime, I am still available for readings!


I want to remind you that I am not a prognosticator. I will be working with you to help you connect to the answers you already have within you. You know who you are, what you want, and what is appropriate to you and the situation at this moment. But sometimes we all need help accessing that information. I am here to help.

Even if the site looks as if it is available… to sign up for readings on line, please use my email to set up your reading.

Thank you! Looking to hear from you.

Currently, I use the Thoth deck for readings. This is not a perfect deck but it does a better job than most dealing with hierarchy and injustice. It’s going to take a while for the PT21C cards to make their appearance and begin to address some of those obsolete issue on the cards themselves. Even then, my readings will be based on the years of knowledge I have amassed through readings, studying, and taking courses.

As much as I love to read for you, I invite you to be restrained in your use of readings. Take some time to internalize the reading and let it reveal itself you. I know many people read every day. I have never done that. I like to see the impact of what I am questioning and learning play out in my head and in my life. In this, I am different from many readers, personal and professional.

For the first two readings, it is best to have a question in mind. For the third reading, you may have a topic, but I find it most helpful to come to these readings without a lot of parameters. This gives you a chance to explore the nuances. 

  • The Oops Something Came Up One-card Response.

    This could be an invitation to look more deeply into or participate more fully in certain issues or ways of thinking. It may suggest a person whose expertise is in a particular area you might want to explore.


  • Making Connections Three-Card Response.

    Often this is a reading of past, present, future. However, it might just as easily explore the personal, work, relationship balance.


  • Major Event using Ann’s Version of Modified Cross

    I recommend doing this only once or twice a year or for major life events. There is so much to discover in this many cards and their connections to one another, that it takes a while for the connections to play out.


I look forward to reading for you and getting to know you. Were you aware that you can follow me on Patreon? As the book grows, I will be teaching classes on Tarot and there will be a Tarot section on Patreon. At the moment you can sign up for my daily musing here. If you support that on Patreon at $5/ month, you will always get a discount on your ebooks, readings, and classes — and $5 is already a real bargain, without any discounts.