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Promises to Keep:
Crafting Your Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the reason for the whole day, and Promises to Keep will help you two to construct a very personalized ritual to show your commitment to each other and enlist your community's support. The purpose of a wedding ritual is for you to stand before your community with your beloved, and talk about how love has transformed you. Know what promises you will be making to one another, because you will live with these promises for the rest of your lives.

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Peacemaker’s Tarot

You and I can use our skills to become Peacemakers. What could be more important in this world? If we do the work we are called to do and do it to the best of our ability, then we are making a place for everyone to be the best of who and what they are. That is our first step towards Peace. Wait! You need help figuring out what your work is? Ann and Peacemaker’s Tarot can help. When we begin to dream of a better, more just, and more beautiful world, we’re dreaming about Peace. I believe we’ve come into this world to be Peacemakers. I believe tarot can support us and our process as we work to realize our best and most powerful self. Buy the book. Book a session. Move forward into Peace.

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Remembering a Life:
On the Death of Your Beloved

The ONE book you need when someone dies.

From the Foreword: "Remembering a Life" covers the immediate decisions that need to be made, as well as giving information on home funerals, funeral homes, planning the funeral and memorial services, burial, cremation, green burial, grieving, coping, remembering, and making your own funeral plans.

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