Connecting and Reconnecting

Good morning!

I hadn’t planned to start my blog quite this early, but Life doesn’t really wait for us to be ready, does it? Connecting and Reconnecting — building, repairing, and reinforcing bridges is such important work. I believe it is the quintessential work of Peace. 

Whatever else I do, this is the work to which I return over and over again. 

I have a friend who’s had a stroke. She’s lost a lot and it’s been a slog. But the slog is worth it. She wants to go home to her wife. So she’s willing to do the work. Her mantra has been: “Whatever it takes.” Sometimes she forgets because the work is hard. Her wife reminds her. I’ll bet she forgets occasionally as well. My friend will have to remind her.

I noticed on FB that another friend’s husband had started exploring calligraphy. He’s been leaving her the most wonderful notes with her lunch! Hmmm. I thought, I wonder if he would consider writing this mantra in calligraphy so she can trace it? Of course, he would, because he’s wonderful and generous. He was delighted to play whatever role he could in someone’s healing

I told another friend who is trained as a Montessori teacher and a priest about my mantra Quest. She said that there’s a proven connection between tracing with hand saying it out loud and setting it in the brain. It’s how they teach kids to read and say a letter.

Of course, the exercise doesn’t just stop with my friend with a stroke. All her friends can trace it as well. Every night. As a prayer. It takes a village to do, “Whatever it takes.”

We are that village. We are here to build the bridges of Love, of Justice, of Peace — and let’s build them with Joy, shall we? Perhaps we should trace this mantra for ourselves as well. Are we ready to do, “Whatever it takes,” to make the world healthier and more Peaceful?

I hope so.

Peace and Blessings, my friends!

Thank you so much Roger Rothman!


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