In Which I Restarted My Business and Became the Hickernell Moon Fairy

As she was designing my website, Maggie, who does much of my work on social media, took a beloved 3-piece moon figure and buried my initials in the middle of it. I was thrilled! Anthony, who is my web guru (do you notice it takes a lot of help to get my work done?), pointed out that it should be a bit less blocky, more drawn and less constructed. He thought he might have a designer who could do it, but no go. 

I finally remembered Nancy Cleaver, who is a lettering artist, who had designed gorgeous Peace Mandalas that she graciously allowed me to use with my daily musings. The beauty of her work put me firmly on the path to Peace. For the past 8 years Peace has been my journey. But, anyway! I thought “Nanso can make my Hickernell Moon Fairy!!” 

And boy howdy, could she! Do you remember the Hickernell Spring which is the source of my drinking water? I wrote about it earlier! Nanso knows the spring and me well, and after some backing and forthing, voila, this flirty, dancy, AKE Hickernell Moon Fairy arrived. Ann Keeler Evans never looked so cheery. Which is good, I think, because the world is in need of a bit of cheer and a bit of dancing. Move toward Peace, chachacha, Nonviolent Acts, chachacha! See? Don’t you feel better already? 

My shrink Karen (she doesn’t have a website), and I have been laughing because I feel like AKE-Hickernell Moon Fairy (AKEHMF) totally represents me. I’m speedy. I look at lots of things and then pull them all together. And she’s Water and Moon and she makes me laugh. So, all good, right?  

I ponder about and write about important things. Well-being. Spirituality. Equality. Nonviolence. Peace. I take life very seriously. However, none of this precludes enjoying a flirty little fairy. 

I am sure she has a story or two to tell us! One of which she asked me to relate. People have tried to inform me that you can’t fly without wings. “Feh,” she snorts, “have you never met a Chinese dragon? They simply navigate through the air from where they are to where they want to be. AKEHMF is fueled by Love and Curiosity.

At church the other day, my beloved colleague’s daughter preached on, among other things, pronouns and their importance. It was a wonderful sermon. Fae announced that she used she-her and fae-faer as her pronouns. Talk about something I totally would have done earlier in my life. I probably won’t do it now, but I find it delightful. Should I ever get a tattoo — highly unlikely, I’ll change my pronouns. At that point, I’ll need to as AKEHMF would have become a new body feature! 

I’d like you to remember that whatever work you have dedicated yourself to, that you should remember the joy and the laughter. Life is short and challenging. If fairies give you as much joy as AKEHMF gives me, then have fun!

Peace, Ann


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